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World Map of Internet Adresses

The map shows the location of 1,139,441,531 ip adresses. The locations are grouped by city, divided into four categories according to the total number of ip adresses belonging to a city. The categories are net-metropoles (more than 10,000,000 IPs), net-capitals (1,000,000 up tp 10,000,000 IPs), net-cities (100,000 up 1,000,000 IPs) and net-villages (fewer than 100,000 IPs). IP adresses that cannot be allocated to a city were left out. I created this visualization using ActionScript, based on my classes for map projections and polygon maths, which you can download for own usage. The data was extracted from the free GeoLite-City database by MaxMind.


Facebook And Its Impact In Connecting People — (Oct 25, 2011)

[…] After all, Facebook is ”just” a website and websites can be accessed through the internet. So, when speaking of ”connecting people, even across oceans and borders”, we should demonstrate our respect for the internet. To do so, I re-created my old map of the internet: […]