Hi, my name is Gregor, welcome to my website! Here’s a bit of information about myself:

  • Currently I’m taking a sabbatical year from working at Datawrapper, the company I co-founded 2012 and returned working as CTO in November 2017.

  • Before, I spent almost four years as New York Times graphics editor (Jan '14 - Oct '17). If you’re curious what that means, there’s a list of graphics and visualizations I’ve worked on my other website driven-by-data.net

  • Prior to joining the Times I worked as freelance data journalist / data visualization architect for various companies and media organizations.

  • From time to time I’m also writing this blog about topics related to data visualization and data journalism.

  • I hold a BSc in Computational Visualistics from the University of Magdeburg

  • You can contact me via Mastodon, Keybase or email (fair warning: I’m really bad at email and I get tons of spam). I’m not logging into my Twitter account anymore.