Random thoughts on visualization and data journalism by Gregor Aisch

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Oldies but goldies

Notable projects

  • datawrapper: A tool to create embeddable charts, maps and tables, since turned into a company.
  • schnack.js: Disqus-like drop-in for self-hosted comments on static websites (used in this blog)
  • chroma.js: A tiny JS library for dealing with colors
  • color palettte helper: A tool for designing better color palettes for charts and maps
  • canvid: tiny JS library for playing silent video on canvas elements
  • d3-jetpack: Convenience wrappers that speed up your daily work with d3.js (archived)
  • Kartograph: A (now archived) mapping framework based on Raphael.js
  • driven-by-data.net: My graphics portfolio